Southern Sida
Scientific Name: Sida acuta
Also Known As: Common fanpetals, Common Wireweed
Weed Family: Malvaceae


Erect summer annual that may survive winter. Stems seldom to much branched, smooth to nearly so. Leaves alternate, broadly lanced shped, margins toothed from base to tip, green underneath. Flowers yellow, solitary from leaf bases. Flowers in summer. Fruit with two spines on top of each section. Occurs in pinelands, hammocks, and turf as well as other disturbed areas. Propagates from seed.

Herbicide Use

Postemergence control consists of repeat applications of mixtures of ,24-D, carfentrazone, Dicamba, MCPP, MCPA and/or sulfentrazone. Other postemergence options include triclopyr alone or combined with 2,4-D. Check the herbicide label for specific application rates and turfgrass tolerance before use.


Germination Dates