Sprayer Calibration Guide

For Large Equipment

1. Measure the distance in inches between 2 spray tip nozzles on your sprayer. Count the number of spray tip nozzles on the sprayer. Use the chart below to select a test run distance.

2. Use a tape measure to flag or mark in your yard the distance listed in the chart for your test run.

3. On a level surface, fill your sprayer with water to the full mark. 
Flat fan nozzles and shower head guns are generally used in broadcast applications.


4. If your sprayer has a pressure gauge, turn on the pump and set the pressure to 30 PSI. (If you are unable to adjust the pressure, proceed with the factory settings.)

5. Once at the beginning of the test run distance, turn on the pump and spray the test run distance at a consistent speed that you intend to drive when spraying. When to the end of the test run, turn off the sprayer pump and park on a level surface. (This spraying speed must be the same every time you spray so be sure to remember it.)

6. Measure the amount of water it takes to fill the sprayer back to the full mark. (Repeat steps 5 and 6 three times.

7. The average in Step 6 is the amount of solution your sprayer will spray on 1,000 sq. ft. of turf or area.