Purple Cudweed
Scientific Name: Gamochaeta purpurea
Also Known As: Rabbit tobacco, Spoonleaf purple everlasting, Chafeweed, Catfoot
Weed Family: Asteraceae


Upright summer or winter annual in cooler climates or biennial in warmer climates, developing from a basal rosette of leaves. Stems highly branched from base of plant. Stem and underside of leaves with soft velvetlike white hairs. Upper leaf surface dull green, less hairy above. Rosette and lower stem leaves spatula shaped with blunt tips and wavy margins, upper leaves reduced in size. Flowers tannish white in clusters at upper leaf axils. Bracts surrounding flower clusters pink or purple in color. Flowers either midspring into early summer of early fall. Occurs in dry, open, newly disturbed habitats, especially low- maintenance turf. Propagation: seed

Herbicide Use

Postemergence control with repeat applications of mixtures of 2,4-D, carfentrazone, Dicamba, MCPP, MCPA, and/or sulfentrazone. Check the herbicide label for specific application rates and turfgrass tolerance before use.


Germination Dates