Puncture Vine
Scientific Name: Tribulus terrestris
Weed Family: Zygophyllaceae


Puncture vine is a summer annual. The leaves are opposite and even-pinnately compound composed of 8 to 16 hairy leaflets. The stems are prostrate mat forming originating from a taproot. The flowers are solitary, consisting of 5 yellow petals, and are found in the leaf axils. The fruit which contains 1 to 4 seeds contains 2 to 4 spines. Puncture vine spreads by seed which can remain viable for years. Puncture vine is found throughout the United States and Canada. 

Herbicide Use

Make your post-emergence herbicide application to puncture vine that is actively growing and in the seedling to flower stage of growth.


Germination Dates

Zone-3: May-JuneZone-4: May-JuneZone-5: March-AprilZone-6: March-AprilZone-7: MarchZone-8: MarchZone-9: FebruaryZone-10: February