Florida Pusley
Scientific Name: Richardia scabra
Weed Family: Rubiaceae


Florida pusley is a summer annual found most often in warm season turfgrass areas. The leaves can be hairy and grow opposite one another on hairy stems. The growth of Florida pusley in maintained turf areas is usually low and prostrate to the ground, forming thick patches. The growth can be erect with infrequent mowing. Florida pusley usually will not root at the nodes. The flowers are white and grow in clumps at the end of the stems. The flower is star shaped with six parts connected to form a tube. Florida pusley will flower anytime the temperature is above freezing. Florida pusley spreads by seed. Florida pusley is found in areas of the United States where warm-season grasses proliferate. 

Herbicide Use

Although small infestations of Florida pusley can be physically removed, larger infestations will likely require post-emergence herbicide treatment. For optimum control, make your herbicide application when Florida pusley is actively growing and in the seedling to flower stage of growth.


Germination Dates

Zone-8: March-AprilZone-9: FebruaryZone-10: January-February