Florida Betony
Scientific Name: Stachys floridana
Also Known As: Rattlesnake weed, Florida hedgenettle, Hedgenettle, Wild artichoke
Weed Family: Labiatae


Smooth or hairy, delicate, freely branched, upright perennial herb, from slender underground stems with segmented white tubers resembling a rattlesnake's rattle. Leaves opposite, long stalked, lance shaped, with toothed margins, usually with a nearly flat base. Stems square. Flowers white to pink with purple spots, joined together except for the tips, which are two-lipped. The upper lip is hooded; the lower lip is three-lobed. Flowers mainly in early spring. Occurs in turf, roadsides, thickets, and shrub borders. Commonly moved with nursery stock and ornamental plants. Propagation: primarily by tubers, secondarily by seed.

Herbicide Use

Postemergence control consists of repeat applications of mixtures of 2,4-D, carfentrazone, Dicamba, MCPP, MPCA, and/or sulfentrazone. Other postemergence options include triclopyr alone or combined with 2,4-D. Check the herbicide label for specific application rates and turfgrass tolerance before use.


Germination Dates