Filaree (Red Stem)
Scientific Name: Erodium cicutarium
Also Known As: Red/White Stem Filaree, Stork's Bill, Heron's Bill
Weed Family: Geraniaceae


Filaree are winter annual members of the geranium family. Filaree has a shallow coarse taproot. The feather like compound densely-haired leaves form from a prostrate basal rosette. The leaves consist of 5 to 9 opposite leaflets which are deeply cut. The leaves of white stem filaree are broader and the leaflets are less deeply cut than red stem filaree. Stems are also hairy, grow low and spreading. The flowers of filarees form umbrella shaped clusters which are pink to purplish in color and contain 5 petals. Filaree reproduces by seed. Filaree is found in Canada and the United States and is abundant on the west coast. Filaree is usually found on dry sandy soils. 

Herbicide Use

To control red or white stem filaree in turf, make your post-emergence herbicide application to plants that are actively growing and in the seedling to flower stage of growth. A good turf management program which includes irrigation will also help to prevent infestation.


Germination Dates

Zone-3: April-SeptemberZone-4: April-OctoberZone-5: March-OctoberZone-6: February-NovemberZone-7: January-DecemberZone-8: JanuaryZone-9: January-December