Field Pennycress
Scientific Name: Thlaspi arvense
Weed Family: Brassicaceae


Field pennycress is an annual or winter annual weed. Field pennycress initially grows in a basal rosette, but has an erect flowering stem. The auricles at the base of the leaf are pointed. A similar species, throughwort pennycress has rounded auricles. Basal leaves do not remain when the plant matures and the seed stem is produced. Field pennycress spreads by seed. The flowers of field pennycress are white and produced in dense racemes. The seed pods (silicles) are produced along the flowering stem. They are distinctly winged with a notch at the tip. Field pennycress can be found throughout the United States and Western Canada. It is primarily found in the Northwestern states.

Herbicide Use

Make your post-emergence when field pennycress is young and actively growing, preferable during the rosette stage.


Germination Dates

Zone-3: AprilZone-4: MarchZone-5: MarchZone-6: FebruaryZone-7: FebruaryZone-8: JanuaryZone-9: January