Curly Dock
Scientific Name: Rumex crispus
Weed Family: Polygonaceae


Curly dock is a winter perennial. It contains a deep fleshy taproot. In a turf situation the leaves appear in a rosette form. The leaves are actually alternate at the top of the taproot. The oblong leaves have a wavy appearance on their edges. The flower of curly dock is almost never found in mowed turf situations. The flowers are long green spikes which turn reddish brown on maturity. The flower grows 2 to 3 feet in height and appears from April to July. Due to the lack of viable seed in turf areas, curly dock spreads by root fragments. Curly dock is found throughout the United states. 

Herbicide Use

For larger infestations, generally in areas requiring renovation, a post-emergence herbicide application can be made. Make your application when curly dock is young and actively growing for optimum control.


Germination Dates

Zone-3: AugustZone-4: SeptemberZone-5: SeptemberZone-6: OctoberZone-7: NovemberZone-8: NovemberZone-9: December