Scientific Name: Galium aparine
Also Known As: Catchweed
Weed Family: Rubiaceae


Bedstraw is a winter annual. The leaves of bedstraw are formed in whorls containing 6 - 8 leaves around square stems. The leaves are narrow to lanceolate in shape with bristles along the edges. Spines at the base of leaves allow bedstraw to cling to objects. The stems of bedstraw are weak and form mats of plants. The bedstraw flower contains 4 white petals formed on stems originating from leaf axils. Bedstraw spreads by seed. Bedstraw is found throughout North America.

Herbicide Use

Make your herbicide application to bedstraw that is young and actively growing.


Germination Dates

Zone-3: April-SeptemberZone-4: April-OctoberZone-5: March-OctoberZone-6: February-NovemberZone-7: January-NovemberZone-8: JanuaryZone-9: January-November