First Aid Instructions

Emergency Situations

Remove victim from exposure. Make sure that victim is breathing. Call ambulance or physician. Call local Poison Control Center. Save any remaining chemical that may have been ingested, inhaled, or spilled. Save pesticide product label.

Ingested (Swallowed) Poisons

A decision must be made whether to induce vomiting. READ THE PRODUCT LABEL and contact the Poison Control Center immediately. If these are not available, consider the following guidelines.

Never Induce Vomiting If:

  • Victim is unconscious or in convulsions.
  • Victim has swallowed a strong acid or alkali corrosive poison. Symptoms of corrosive poisoning include severe pain and burns in the mouth and throat.
  • Victim has swallowed a petroleum product. If the product label indicates "emulsifiable concentrate" or "solution", vomiting should not be induced. Concentrated petroleum products will also cause burning of the mouth and throat. Vomiting should be induced only when the petroleum distillate is a vehicle for toxic pesticides in significant concentration.


When aiding the victim of a chemical spill, avoid contact with the contaminant.

Inhalation of dust, vapor, or gas contaminants

Inhalation victims must be removed from contact with the contaminant immediately. If victim is in an enclosed contaminated area he should be CARRIED to fresh air immediately. Keep victim calm and do not allow him to walk or be active in any way which would increase his breathing rate. Loosen any tight clothing. If breathing has stopped or becomes irregular, apply artificial respiration. If patient is having convulsions, try to keep him from falling and protect his head from injury. Watch his breathing and try to keep his chin elevated so air passages are not constricted. Inhalation victims should not be given alcohol in any form. Enclosed contaminated areas should be ventilated as soon as victim is out of danger.


DO NOT attempt to remove victims from enclosed contaminated areas without protecting yourself with an air-supplied respirator.