Creeping Woodsorrel

(Oxalis corniculata)

Family: Oxalidaceae

Also Known As: Oxalis, Yellow Woodsorrel

Weed Photos: Courtesy of Dr. Lambert McCartey. Clemson University. Clemson, SC.



Creeping woodsorrel is similar to yellow woodsorrel (Oxalis Stricta), but is a creeping summer perennial. The leaves of creeping woodsorrel are deeply lobed, heart shaped, and may be green to reddish purple. Creeping woodsorrel contains a slender taproot, and roots at nodes along slightly hairy stems. The flowers of oxalis corniculata are yellow, contain 5 petals, and form in clusters of 1 - 5 at the end of slender stems. Creeping woodsorrel spreads by seeds. Creeping woodsorrel is found in eastern North America, to North Dakota and Colorado.


Germination Dates

3: June
4: June
5: May
6: April-May
7: March
8: March
9: February

Cultural Practices

Creeping woodsorrel may be removed by hand when plants are young. Dense, vigorous cool-season turf areas will resist infestation. Follow good turf management practices including disease and insect control and proper fertilization.

Herbicide Use

For optimum control, make your post-emergence herbicide application to plants that are actively growing and in the seedling to flower stage of growth.

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